Saturday, January 22, 2011

Zoxengen Free WP Magazine Theme

Zoxengen wordpress theme is a 3 column widgetize theme with theme options. Theme post styling are also optimize with theme option backend global font config. you can change the font and headline style anyway you like.

Theme featured and functionality
1. 3 column left content layout
2. Widgetize sidebars
3. 4-6 block 125×125 ads in sidebar
4. social tool in single page only to save load time
5. theme option
6. custom field
7. jslide featured articles *added ability to turn off in theme option
8. net-subscribes included in sidebar with alexa tool and technorati tools
9. post-styling (downloads, caption etc) *theme page explained
10. top header and single page adsense block *remove the code if not used
11. plugin integrated as listed below
12. Compatible with wordpress version 2.1+

Source:- Zoxengen Free WP Magazine Theme

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