Monday, January 10, 2011

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We have all been there….even the best of web designers can find themselves staring at a black screen, counting the number of times the little cursor blinks. Don’t panic! This too will pass. Even while being an Portland Oregon web designCompany inspiration can come hard.

Inspiration often comes from immersing one’s self into the world of what they want inspiration for. In other words, browse the internet and check out websites. Don’t copy another person’s site by all means but do take a look and see what folks are using and what the trends are. See what it is about certain web pages that stand out to you.

What catches your eye? Is there a new font that is trendy or a color scheme? Maybe there is a certain grid that appeals to you or the type of business you are promoting. I often discover new Photoshop techniques that someone has developed. Let’s face it; there is some really cool stuff out there in the world of web pages!

An easy way to search for web designs that might compliment your site is to type your business type into the search engine. If you have a car detail business, type that in and see what other car design businesses have done. This approach will also allow you to think of some stuff that others are not doing as well so that your site can be different.

And remember, the internet doesn’t have to be your only inspiration. Sometimes web designers are inspired by a piece of art or even a day at the playground with the kids. Keep an eye out for things that can enhance your web page. I knew a newspaper designer once who spent time at the local grocery store once a week going through the other newspapers for design ideas. The fact of the matter is, as Marie Antoinette once said, “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten”, meaning it has all been done before, but there is always an opportunity for improvement.

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