Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to improve website ranking ?

How to improve website ranking on search engine using forums or articles websites?

It is a big big question for all the web masters and every body is doing on their own way to rank their website. So here i am going to share with you , What i did to rank my website.

(1) Make your one and original articles or contents.
(2) Distribute your original contents on articles website and on do follow links on top DO FOLLOW website.
(3) Distribute the contents on at least 5 Do Follow website.
(4) Make your own E-Book of your Do Follow website link.
(5) Try them to put on website as down loadable format for FREE.
(6) Introduce your self on the E-Book and leave some of your HOT key word on your e-book.
(7) Tweet your all post from all the website where ever your are posting your e-book or contents.
(8) Do not just copy and past the contents from the net.
(9) Do some research for key words for your website and put most relevant key words in your contents or e-book.
(10) Here i am giving you some DO FOLLOW LINKS forums address where you can put your contents to get real traffic.

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