Saturday, November 19, 2011

S. E. O. Compaany

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Hi There,

We are a professional website design and development company and have been working on US based projects for the past 3 years. We like to work for you as your outsourcing partner.

As we have sufficient expertise to deliver such kind of projects and can do a great job on this one.

We are a professional Volusion store design company, listed with Volusion as a reseller.

Please find below couple of recently developed VOLUSION websites by us;

Volusion - ecommerce (under testing) (Wooddash – under testing)

Please find some more here;

We also have STRONG TEAMS for SEO (we can talk about it later if you wish to).
Let us know your views and take it forward from there.
We can start on it from tomorrow onwards.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make Flash Website With Free Adobe Flash Tutorials

 If you’re going to make a flash navigation menu, or want to build a full flash website, this post is for you. If you Google to find flash tutorials, the search results will not help you a lot. In this post I’ve tried to put together a list of the best adobe flash tutorials written about building full flash websites and creating flash navigation menus.

How to design a cool futuristic website interface — part 1

In this easy Flash 8 professional lesson I will explain you how to design a great interface for your Flash website.

Creating a Flash Website


Funky Flash Website Tutorial

This tutorial is divided into the following parts:
1) Creating the Layout in Flash
2) Adding the Content
3) Creating the Buttons
4) Creating the Buttons
5) Actionscript
6) Preloader

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Web templates, design edit, web banner, backgrounds, design, web page design.

Design Templates
PersonalWebKit 3.2 comes with eight distinct design templates. Each template defines a distinct look for your website, yet is highly customizable. You can change your site to use a different design template at any time, even after it is built. If you would like to see the same website in several different designs, click to see our Design Template Samples in a new window.
Hundreds of Banners to Choose From
Each design also comes with dozens of Banner Backgrounds from which you can choose. By editing and designing the text over this background, you will create your own custom graphical banner at the top of your website.
Each design template also has numerous Text Styles and Page Backgrounds to choose from.
Probably the most fun you'll have making your website will be choosing and customizing your design.
Perhaps the best part is that you never have to redo your site if you want to change your design! All your pages, content, and photos stay the same whenever you change your design.
Banner Text
You will create your own graphical Banner across the top of your site by using the Banner Text options. You simply select one of the three Text Labels, drag it to position it, type in what you want it to say, then change the font, color, or size of it.

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Zoxengen Free WP Magazine Theme

Zoxengen wordpress theme is a 3 column widgetize theme with theme options. Theme post styling are also optimize with theme option backend global font config. you can change the font and headline style anyway you like.

Theme featured and functionality
1. 3 column left content layout
2. Widgetize sidebars
3. 4-6 block 125×125 ads in sidebar
4. social tool in single page only to save load time
5. theme option
6. custom field
7. jslide featured articles *added ability to turn off in theme option
8. net-subscribes included in sidebar with alexa tool and technorati tools
9. post-styling (downloads, caption etc) *theme page explained
10. top header and single page adsense block *remove the code if not used
11. plugin integrated as listed below
12. Compatible with wordpress version 2.1+

Source:- Zoxengen Free WP Magazine Theme

Friday, January 21, 2011

5 free Industrial Ecommerce Templets

Template magician Online Store’s Large Collection of Industrial Templates

We offers a variety of flash templates for your web design needs. Try our collection of quality flash templates today and your new website will be up and running in only a couple of hours. We offer basic three color web designs and even more complex Flash Animated web pages. Our flash web templates come in an array of colors themes, formats and styles.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Web Design Company

We have all been there….even the best of web designers can find themselves staring at a black screen, counting the number of times the little cursor blinks. Don’t panic! This too will pass. Even while being an Portland Oregon web designCompany inspiration can come hard.

Inspiration often comes from immersing one’s self into the world of what they want inspiration for. In other words, browse the internet and check out websites. Don’t copy another person’s site by all means but do take a look and see what folks are using and what the trends are. See what it is about certain web pages that stand out to you.

What catches your eye? Is there a new font that is trendy or a color scheme? Maybe there is a certain grid that appeals to you or the type of business you are promoting. I often discover new Photoshop techniques that someone has developed. Let’s face it; there is some really cool stuff out there in the world of web pages!

An easy way to search for web designs that might compliment your site is to type your business type into the search engine. If you have a car detail business, type that in and see what other car design businesses have done. This approach will also allow you to think of some stuff that others are not doing as well so that your site can be different.

And remember, the internet doesn’t have to be your only inspiration. Sometimes web designers are inspired by a piece of art or even a day at the playground with the kids. Keep an eye out for things that can enhance your web page. I knew a newspaper designer once who spent time at the local grocery store once a week going through the other newspapers for design ideas. The fact of the matter is, as Marie Antoinette once said, “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten”, meaning it has all been done before, but there is always an opportunity for improvement.

Jim Hay is associated web design firm specializing in Joomla web design that need to rank well in the organic search engines.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hiring a Professional Web Designer

With the advent of the Internet, every business needs to have a web presence in order to be successful. A web designer who is talented can make your website an effective marketing tool that not only advertises your business but also helps you get more sales. A professional web designer can help you design a website which meets your business requirements. From the theme of website to positioning of your logo, everything will be done as per your needs.

Before you hire a web designer, be clear in your mind as to what you need. For this you can browse online and check a few competitor sites and make notes of what you like and don't like. Also, make note of technical specifications, such as any specific functionalities or forms you need, will it be an ecommerce website, do you need CMS and other key aspects. This homework at your end will help you discuss the web design project with the web designer in a clear way. A designer will be able to design a website exactly as per your needs only when you convey your thoughts clearly to him.

Next, you can ask friends or acquaintances, if they know of any professional and reliable designer who is affordable as well. You can also do online research for web designing companies. If you really need a design that will help you establish a powerful web presence and enhance your branding, you must hire the services of a company rather than a freelance designer. Not that all freelance web designers are sloppy, but companies are more accountable and professional. They have seasoned website design professionals with extensive experience.

Do take a look at the web design portfolio to have an idea of what the designer or design company is capable of. The old saying 'First impression is the last impression.' applies even to your website. Your site therefore should have a nice visual and aesthetic appeal and a good web designer will help you in achieving that. While taking a look at the portfolio of a designer, if you like the designs, you can shortlist him. You must check the portfolio of at least three designers before hiring one.

Just the look of the site is not enough. Apart from visual appeal, there are many key aspects that need to be followed. The site should be well developed in terms of its functional aspect. Also, ask if the designer is aware of design principles, usability aspects and SEO-friendly web design standards. All these aspects are very important to ensure that your website gets top rankings, traffic and more business. An expert web designer will surely be aware of all of these.

All designers provide revisions as part of the project, but it is always better to ask beforehand. If the designer does not willing to do a few rounds of revisions then you must surely think twice before hiring him.

Vasilescu Cristian is performing as creative web designer who specializes in custom website and in all kind of CMS.