Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Design Templates
PersonalWebKit 3.2 comes with eight distinct design templates. Each template defines a distinct look for your website, yet is highly customizable. You can change your site to use a different design template at any time, even after it is built. If you would like to see the same website in several different designs, click to see our Design Template Samples in a new window.
Hundreds of Banners to Choose From
Each design also comes with dozens of Banner Backgrounds from which you can choose. By editing and designing the text over this background, you will create your own custom graphical banner at the top of your website.
Each design template also has numerous Text Styles and Page Backgrounds to choose from.
Probably the most fun you'll have making your website will be choosing and customizing your design.
Perhaps the best part is that you never have to redo your site if you want to change your design! All your pages, content, and photos stay the same whenever you change your design.
Banner Text
You will create your own graphical Banner across the top of your site by using the Banner Text options. You simply select one of the three Text Labels, drag it to position it, type in what you want it to say, then change the font, color, or size of it.

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